Step One: To Recover from Chronic Pain – Take Control

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Step One: To Recover from Chronic Pain - Take Control  

Pain can be disabling. Working with a physio who is compassionate, informed and open to what you are saying, will help.  As an experienced Specialist Physiotherapist, I have the knowledge and skills to help you understand the science behind what you feel. I have a range of techniques to specifically ease your pain and improve your movement. Correct information can reduce your fears.

  • Gain control by understanding the science
  • Learn to manage pain and your response to pain
  • Learn to pace yourself back to activity without aggravating pain
  • Discover how to return to an active life
Facts about Pain
  • Acute injuries require prompt medical or physiotherapy assessment if they fail to heal within a few days. Severe multifactorial soft tissue injuries may take six to twelve weeks for full repair. The quality of repair improves with correct first aid and appropriate movement or protection.
  • If you are overwhelmed by pain and your emotions are out of control, your recovery will be complicated and prolonged.
  • Chronic or persistent pain is different to acute pain. It responds best to early accurate assessment with individually matched care.
  • At In Touch Physiotherapy my treatment reflects current research, and actively involves you in the recovery process.
  • We will set goals together based on your physical, social and work activities and specific needs.
  • I measure progress to ensure we are achieving what we both want.
  • Collaboration with your medical doctor or other practitioners may optimise your outcomes.
Ask Helen:

What should I ask about pain?

How can I help myself control pain?

What can you do for me?

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Take control of your own recovery from Pain. Follow a dynamic pathway based on new ways of thinking and doing.

 Are you ready to change your brain?

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