Pain Solutions – Pain Relief Tips

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Pain - in a nutshell
  • Pain is an unpleasant feeling felt somewhere in the body that urges us to protect that location.
  • The pain you experience is related to movement, immune response, thoughts, hormonal and autonomic responses.
  • Pain is modulated by any credible evidence that protection is warranted or not needed.
In Touch Tips: Pain Relief

Despite what others may think, the pain you feel is real. If your goal is to have less pain and feel happier in life, you CAN do something.

  • Increase your understanding
  • Do things differently
  • Think in a different way

Staying in your comfortable belief zones, will keep you on the rocky path to chronic pain and disability. At In Touch Physiotherapy I offer a dynamic approach to regaining control over your life, based on current research evidence. Life will get better as you learn how you can influence what you think and feel.