Physiotherapy is a science-based health-care discipline that helps:
  • Ease your pain
  • Free your movement and
  • Regain optimal function
Physiotherapy excels in providing:
  • Accurate diagnosis and classification of disorders
  • Effective treatment and management of pain
  • Rehabilitation of posture and movement 

Australian Physiotherapists are at the forefront of world research into pain and  and use gentle drug-free techniques to restore physical and psychological health.

"I look forward to relieving your pain, whatever your age,
fitness level or type of problem."


* Street Parking outside clinic, plus Bus/Train, Cat Bus are within 10 minutes walk.

*Same day appointments / urgent home visits are available if required. 041996945

In Touch Physiotherapy Consultations include:
  • A comprehensive examination of your pain areas and your posture and movement patterns
  • Scientific evidenced and effective treatment
  • Discussion with you about your beliefs, goals and activities
  • My passion is to empower you with quality advice and skills
  • My aim is to inspire you to participate actively in your recovery
  • My priority is to improve the quality of your life as soon as possible