Privacy Statement – In Touch Physiotherapy


At In Touch Physiotherapy, I respect your privacy (Privacy Act 1988) and aim to develop and maintain your trust and confidentiality. I will always treat you with courtesy and listen to your story. The contact and health information you provide assists my provision of appropriate and safe healthcare. I de-identify contact information before statistical use.

Information Disclosure

I may disclose private information to your medical practitioner or health professional unless you request otherwise. Only minimal contact information goes to health or third party insurers for claims assessment. However, if you request I do not communicate something private for an insurance claim, this may affect your cover. You may access any information I have about you but as it takes time to prepare files for written release, I may charge a fee.

Further contact

I may contact you a few weeks after your last consultation to check on your progress, request feedback or to notify you of new services. Please advise me if you prefer not to have this contact. Your health is my concern. I welcome any feedback you have to offer.

For any further enquiries, please see The APA Privacy Statement

Consultation Privacy

Informed consent for physiotherapy

I will inform you of the benefits and risks of treatment, and discuss goal setting and decision-making. All forms of treatment carry some risk but this is usually minimal. As a Specialist with extensive knowledge of the latest research and treatment guidelines I will explain the benefits and risks to allow you to make and informed decision. Your attendance is informal consent for usual treatment but I will ask you to provide written consent, after discussion, for high velocity manipulation. If you feel uncomfortable with any aspects of the consultation please let me know immediately. You may withdraw consent for treatment at any time.

Helen Potter FACP
Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

(As awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists 2007)