Step Four: Thought Viruses – The Power of the Brain

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Step Four: Thought Viruses - The Power of the Brain

Thoughts and beliefs form nerve impulses in your brain affecting how you feel and interpret messages from your body. Have you heard yourself thinking or saying these unhelpful comments?

  • "I am in pain so there must be damage inside me"
  • "Why can someone fix me and take this pain away?"
  • "I am staying home and resting to avoid pain"
  • "Even those amazing MRI machine can't fix my pain"
  • "Fear of re-injury means I do nothing"
  • "When the pain goes I will get active"
  • "I will not be happy until my suffering goes away"

These comments are now known as 'Thought Viruses'

  • 'Thought Viruses' are powerful enough to drive your pain for longer than is needed for tissue safety.
  • 'These Viruses' are more likely to prolong your pain if you don't understand how pain works.
  • 'Viruses' may increase your discomfort enough to lose sight of the value of life.
  • Talk about these 'Thought Viruses' with your physiotherapist, psychologist or doctor.

Stop 'Thought Viruses' fermenting in your brain like a bowl of yeast forming gases of pain!       

Helen Potter In Touch Physiotherapy 2021

Good luck with your new adventure!

Helen Potter FACP (With thanks to Butler DS & Moseley LM at NOI 2003)