Step Two: Pace Your Activity – One Step at a Time

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Step Two: Pace Your Activity - One Step at a Time

  • Before Your Injury life was probably active and enjoyable. You were happy to take risks, do exciting things, and push your body to the limit.  Your activity placed stress on your muscles and joints in a healthy way. Your brain knew your safety limits and when you were moving into a possible injury zone.
  • Where are you now in the recovery path? -  After an injury your joints, muscles and nerves may be oversensitive and underused. You may perceive pain starting a long way before the tissues actually reach the point of re-injury. Even thinking about a movement like bending may hurt because your brain is trying to overprotect you.
  • Learning to pace your way during an activity lowers the risk of a flare-up, and its consequence of frustration and despair. Knowing more about how your brain reacts to pain will help you make sense of it.
  • Your Goals - Pacing is how we increase our activity as our minds and body adapt to new stresses. We need to find your comfortable starting level for activities. Then we train your brain to accept you are safe. Once you can cope, and feel more confident, your activity can increase. Flare-ups and fear recede with practice. New knowledge and paced activity improve your tissue tolerance and allow you to live life again.

One step at a time will achieve your goals to regain a less painful life

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