In Touch Physiotherapy: Subiaco

What are you looking for?

Pain can be scary and disrupt your life. Helen Potter will listen to your story and help you to discover why you are suffering. Longer appointments allow you to discuss your goals and treatment options in a private friendly environment.

At In Touch Physiotherapy Helen offers Specialist Physiotherapy care. Her extensive clinical expertise is recognised by the Australian College of Physiotherapists' 2007 Title "Specialist Physiotherapist."

  • Learn how your body can move more efficiently.
  • Gain effective pain relief information. 
  • Help yourself regain your active life
  • Enjoy dynamic treatment from an experienced professional
  • Gain insight into your complex problem when others haven't helped
I have the skills and knowledge to help whether you are troubled by:
  • Niggling neck pain
  • Creaky knees
  • Boring back pain
  • Hassling headaches or
  • Persistent pain
In Touch Physiotherapy is a small friendly clinic in Subiaco. I offer you:
  • Individual care and quality treatment within a longer consultation
  • An accurate diagnosis based on detailed assessment
  • A modern and research-based approach with self-care training
  • Treatment emphasising what you want to achieve
  • My advanced knowledge and specialist diagnostic skills with over 40 years' experience
  • Optimal results to help your return to active life sooner
You can expect some improvement within two treatment sessions but chronic and multi-factorial problems will take longer.
  • I add extra benefit with advice on modifying your work, home and fitness activities
  • I screen for serious conditions and advise you on scans, investigations or review by your doctor
  • Between us we can develop a collaborative management plan to gain optimal results

"I look forward to relieving your pain, whatever your age, fitness level or type of problem."


* Street Parking outside clinic.  Bus, Train and Cat Buses are < 10 minute's walk

*Same day appointments / urgent home visits are available if required: 0419 969 455

Pain and Headache Clinic

In Touch Physiotherapy Subiaco is a unique Centre of Excellence for specialist diagnosis and treatment of Headaches and Pain.

I base my approach on extensive research, clinical skills and advanced training. If needed, I collaborate with your Neurologist or GP to assist with medication or investigations. Longer consultations give you time to tell your story and discuss your goals. My use of Headache diaries and disability questionnaires helps define your headache pattern and to monitor improvement. 

Clarifying diagnosis means you will be able to manage your response to pain and headache better.

Recent research has improved our bio-psycho-social approach to involve your individual pain needs.

Why not start on a new pathway to health and move on from your pain today?

Why consult a Specialist Physiotherapist? 

  • If you want the best care, you are in the right place. The Australian College of Physiotherapists have recognised my advanced training and skills by awarding me fellowship of the College in 2007. this is the highest qualification for our profession. The Australian Physiotherapy Association (2000) also awarded me for my community contribution.
  • At In Touch Physiotherapy, you will have time to tell your story and express your concerns about your problems. My comprehensive examination will then reveal all aspects of your pain and headache. This allows me to prioritise your needs and individual goals and to discuss the most effective treatment plan.
  • My extensive experience and advanced clinical skills mean we reach an accurate diagnosis and effective plan on Day 1.
  • Understanding the process of pain will help you make changes to your thoughts or false beliefs. This leaves an open pathway to achieve the outcomes you want.
  • I use a dynamic and effective educational and "hands-on" approach in a private friendly clinic.
  • I also collaborate with your medical team.

* I am available for a second opinion if you have not achieved progress with other approaches.

Why choose In Touch Physiotherapy Subiaco?

  • I am one of the most highly trained physiotherapists in Perth. My advanced knowledge, extensive skills and teaching expertise will help you achieve optimum results.
  • My approach is passionate and thorough. I care about how you are coping with pain and want to see you living a more active life.
  • I work together with you to achieve your goals.

Helen Potter FACP Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (As awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists 2007)