Gallery – Helen Potter Photography

My hobby is photographing dogs and wildflowers. In Spring you will find me at Kings Park or Wireless Hill stooping low to catch orchid beauty. In summer Cottesloe beach sees me walking and swimming.

My dog KoKo wrote a book on his adventurous life in Subiaco. KoKo's tales shares his life philosophy, passion for food and fun, and his misadvenures. The book includes my many photos of KoKo.  

Koko in typical bossy Maltese Shih-Tzu fashion appointed himself to the position of President of the Subiaco Dog group. In this guise he wrote to the Post Community Newspaper sharing his views.

KoKo's tales - Life of a Subiaco Dog - was published in 2019. Copies available from

Regards Helen

running-with-my-mate-helen-potter-photography             let-sleeping-dogs-lie_-helen-potter-photography


dog-play-helen-potter-photography             Helen Potter Photography