“Pain Thought Viruses” What are they?

Pain is not just a sensation. It is a complex response to something you feel and interpret. Our brains respond to acute pain but mistakenly sometimes use these same strategies for chronic or persistent pain.

We all know that the brain is powerful in leading us to exaggerate or minimize thoughts and events. A simple example: If your parent died of bowel cancer, you will be concerned when you get any abdominal upset. Someone else may just think that they ate too much.

Lack of understanding of the problem, added to fear and anxiety and tend to increase ongoing pain. I believe that providing you with accurate up to date information is a vital part of a physiotherapy consultation at my clinic.

We can use the brain’s neuroplasticity to turn these negative stories into more positive action.

I will also use look at how your posture and poor movement patterns, lack of strength, endurance and fitness are contributing to your pain experience and how you can improve these to become active again.